Home Automation Services

Scene lighting

  • Home Theater lighting scenes
  • Outdoor/Exterior Lighting
  • Whole Home Solutions
  • Energy Saving Solutions

Automated Timers

  • Outdoor Timed Scenes
  • Timed Accent Lighting
  • Computer Based Timer Editing and Access
  • “Lake Home” Systems

Mobile Control

  • Home Audio Control
  • Lighting, Temp, Environment Control
  • Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch Supported

Custom Solutions

  • In Wall Touch Screens
  • Touch Home Jukebox Systems
  • Ground-Up Systems
  • Free On-site Consultation

Basic Home Lighting

Traditional light switches can be easily changed out to become automation capable.

Automated wall recptacles allow for control of lamps or other plug-in lights.

Plug-in timers are designed to control several automated devices from one location.

Complete Home Automation

Umbrella offers several lighting solutions. Basic lightning solutions cover 1-20 lights with timer and tabletop control. Advanced solutions integrate mobile devices and advanced scheduling.

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Gain the ability to remotely change your home’s temperature from your mobile device anywhere in the world. Create custom heating and cooling schedules to keep your house the right temperature, all of the time.

The sky is the limit with home automation systems. From shades and drapery to locks and keyless entry, the possibilities are endless.

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Multi-Room Audio

In-ceiling and in-wall speakers are designed to offer premium quality sound while offering discreet installation.

To customize your multi-room audio system, add keypads to each room for independent control. From each keypad select source, change volume, and power system on and off. Even connect your Ipod or MP3 player.

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Control your entire system using your iPad, Ipod or IPhone. All software suites supported by Umbrella have specific Apps designed for Apple’s products. For those with other devices, all software suites also have web interfaces for control.

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